About us

Thanks to decades of experience in bonding, we connect several industrial worlds.

Omnia Koll s.r.l. has been in operation since 2005, when the founding partners built a common identity from their technical, commercial and administrative experiences. The company is a benchmark for bonding, sealing, and for every issue concerning adhesion in different industrial sectors. Our delivery system is based on a capillary network and concerns a wide range of products that are able to meet every need, simple and complex. Our decades of experience gave us the opportunity to create partnerships with worldwide leaders in production and research, and we daily deal with knowledge with modern industry issues. Our mission is to provide available technologies and solutions that can improve our customers' processes. How can we do that? Thanks to a constant attention to the market needs and developments and to technological research activities. We work side by side with our partners' research laboratories and with professional advisers that we choose according to the specific needs of industry.