H.B. FULLER | KÖMMERLING is a leader in the production of adhesives and sealants and specifically for the nautical industry offers optimal solutions for the construction and repair of ships and boats.
The resistance that adhesives and sealants used in marine environment must have in order not to suffer the negative consequences of UV radiation, humidity, salt water and the most arduous and challenging climatic conditions, is essential.
For this purpose, 'H.B. FULLER | KÖMMERLING’ has developed specific products in order to fulfill and satisfy the typical needs of this sector and ensure long-lasting performance.

Kömmerling Marine


The H.B. FULLER | KÖMMERLING Marine range have been designed and developed to withstand the harsh marine environment and exceed the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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The Köraflex Marine product line was born from intense research studies, experience and field tests, becoming today the market leader product for caulking. It comes out a high-performance technopolymer that guarantees resistance to UV light, salt water a

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H.B. FULLER | KÖMMERLING Marine offers optimal solutions for all applications in ship and boat construction, such as bedding of deck floorings, caulking, glass bonding, internal-external bonding and sealing, structural bonding.

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Resistance, durability, ease of application are key elements when it comes to bonding for the nautical industry. Find out more via the Kömmerling Marine App

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